Uhm... Hiiiii!!!!! I'm Mary. I guess that's the first thing I should say. I'm not sure what information to withhold because I'm saving most of the stuff about me for the about page. Okay, so the blue pill page is actually the first page I made in one class period as a joke for a friend. From there, it was so enjoyable to change it up every day that I realized I need to take this a bit more seriously, and that is what this page is for. What else should I say? I'm seventeen, from America, love sewing, rhythm games, EDM, 80s Metal/Rock, and cute things. Thank you for sticking around! Please check out the new Designs page! And thank you to Repth for the layout!

Update 6/18/22:

Whoops!! It's been about a month since I have updated. Sorry about that. Basically, what has happened is that as soon as my summer started, I took the opportunity to sew and draw as much as possible. Well, I have paid the price for it. I have injured my back and wrist due to overworking. Basically every one of my hobbies involves the use of my hands or back, so I've felt useless. I don't enjoy watching TV or movies, so I've been overwhelmed because I have been unable to continue what I enjoy. This is one of the few things I have left for a few weeks while I heal. I haven't been able to finish drawing this because of my wrist, but here's a peak.